OpenNOP is an open source Linux based network accelerator. It's designed to optimize network traffic over point-to-point, partially-meshed and full-meshed IP networks.

The goal of OpenNOP is to increase network performance over low speed network connections such as ISDN, DSL, DS1, frame-relay, VPN and other network circuits. To accomplish this we can use a variety of techniques such as compression, deduplication, caching and protocol spoofing.

The objectives for OpenNOP are:

  • Produce a low cost solution to increase network performance, improve the end user experience and deliver this in a easy to use appliance image.
  • Provide a single solution for networks on terrestrial, cellular and satellite systems.
  • Facilitate an open framework that can be extended by 3rd party modules to improve specific network traffic.

If you would like to speak with me about this project my email is: yaplej@opennop.org