This is a working design of the acceleration software. It is subject to change at any time. The presents of a system or feature here in no way indicates its present in the current build of the software.

Traffic Interceptor

Responsible for intercepting IP packets containing TCP segments and Queuing them so the user space service can process them.


Retrieves packets from the Netfilter queue and delivers them to the worker processes. This process is also responsible for tracking when new TCP sessions are opened and choosing what worker processes a session will be assigned to.


Processes IP packets as they are received. Will either optimize or de-optimize packet.

Gateway Balancer

Addresses issues created by dual WAN networks and asymmetric routing. The gateway balancer tracks the previous-hop MAC address and returns the packet to that device after it�s been processed if the packet cannot be delivered directly to the destination network.

Service Monitor

Monitors the availability of the acceleration service to determine if IP Packets should continue being sent to the Queue or sent directly to the Gateway Balancer in bypass mode.

Health Agent

Informs the Service Monitor every few moments that everything is OK or reports an error state to enter bypass mode.

WCCPv2 Client

Service to inform Cisco routers what traffic to redirect to the accelerator.

Block Manager

Responsible for creating signatures of TCP data that will be used in later transmissions in place of actual data.

Block Cache

Disk storage space where signatures and original TCP data is saved so when a signature is received the corresponding data can be located.

Database Subsystem

Stores information about other accelerators in the network and about Blocks created by the Block Manager.

Communication Subsystem

Handles any accelerator to accelerator communication.